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Medika SA

Our People

Our focus is to provide quality service at all customer levels in the wound care industry in South Africa. Our dedicated and well trained National Sales Force continuously strives for excellence in customer service and support. Our research team consists of bio-technologists and bio-cellular specialists committed to developing high quality, low cost, advanced wound care products geared for the South African market. The in-house manufacturing team adheres to stringent quality processes and systems in the production of our advanced and tissue-engineered product range.

Our Product

Since 2002 Medika SA has focused on introducing and establishing Honey based formulations as wound care applications in the South African market. Our commitment and perseverance have paid off, as honey is now acknowledged and respected for its healing properties.
All but one product in our wound care portfolio is proudly manufactured in South Africa. As part of the Southern Group, Medika SA has extensive access to arguably the best local medical device expertise.
Our production team follows international Manufacturing Principles and our manufacturing plant is ISO9000 accredited, and along with the Southern Group standards all products have the requisite quality standards as well. Many of our group’s products have been accredited with the CE mark.
Medika SA is continuously evolving and expanding our current wound care offering. We have introduced the first locally manufactured skin substitute for the treatment of burns and we are proud that we can present a quality product that is also more cost-effective than imported equivalent products. We continuously consult with specialist surgeons nationally and value their input to constantly improve our products and therapies. We will expand our range of bioengineered products in the near future and will be able to provide more solutions to some of the current challenges our medical practitioners face.

Company Vision

Medika SA wants to become the largest, fastest growing, most innovative, cost-beneficial, and respected locally based developer, producer and distributor of safe, clinically proven and high efficiency branded Advanced Wound Care products in the African market.

Company Values

Market needs drive our choices of products and the way we deliver them.
We encourage a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo, openness to change, and vigorous experimentation in our ceaseless quest for a better way.
Speed of action is the hallmark of how we get things done.
Our behaviour towards one another unfailingly shows mutual respect, candour, and trust.
We believe that integrity is essential.
We will always do the right thing.


New Product: AmnioGENtrix

Medika SA is proud to introduce the newest product to our advanced woundcare range: AmnioGENtrix, a decellularized, dehydrated human amniotic membrane engineered matrix indicated to serve as a wound healing substrate for acute and chronic ulsars. For more Information visit the products page.